Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sporting events

We are having a great time as a family at the 2008 Olympic Games. It is so great having our parents here and we have been able to spend a little time with them. Besides training we have been able to take in some events in the evening.

On Thursday night I went to swimming and finally got to see the inside of the water cube. What an amazing and unique building it is. It is so cool at night when they light it all up. After swimming the Hilton Family of Hotels had gotten us four tickets to the Men’s Basketball game so we went and watch the “Redeem Team” take on Greece. It wasn’t a very close game but it was fun to see the guys play. After that we headed to the USA House where we met up with all of our training partners and had a fun evening.

On Friday, Jean gave us the day off. I joined my friends from Coca-Cola (Dina Gerson) for a morning of women’s gymnastics. Shawn Johnson (one of the Coca-Cola six pack athletes) was competing in the all-around competition and I really wanted to see her compete. I had a great time and it was a close event all the way to the end. In the end, Nastia Liukin of the United States won Gold and Shawn got second. She did a great job and I was honored to watch her compete.

We then spent the afternoon with our parents before heading to the Coca-Cola experience in the Olympic Green. Coca-Cola was honoring my family and me with their “I Live Positively Award.” It was nice to experience all that as a family.

After we wrapped up there Jean, Mark, dad and I went to watch the women’s volleyball team take on China, while mom and Diana went to see some track and field. On Saturday we will go to the Great Wall of China and one of us will share that experience with you. We are one week away from when I will compete and I am ready for the day to come. We are all focused and ready to bring back Gold to the U.S.

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Steve Ballmer said...

I like what you people are doing here, keep it up!

You are using Microsoft Vista, right?

Amy said...

I'm so glad to hear that ya'll are having a good time not just by being there but experiencing it all with those closest to you. Our thoughts and prayer are with you, Jean, Marky and Diana. We'll be cheering you on from home next week. With lots of Love from Houston, Anthony And Amy Scott/All-Star TKD Houston, TX. Go USA!

Louis Hubbell said...

The Hubbell family and Team New England wish you all the best from Massachusetts. We are all rooting for the entire taekwondo team

Jose Lugo said...

Hello Lopez Family - truly you are all an inspiration to many back home (in WA State and across the country). You can be certain that your history making doesn't end with just the family qualifying to compete. Our prayers are with you!

We'll be cheering you on from Poulsbo, WA, along with many other Seattle Area schools. God Speed and ultimate success in your quest!

Jose Lugo,
Westsound Taekwondo & the
WA State TKD Association

dakota kendall said...

hey steven, diana, mark & charlotte, I cant wait until team usa gets started ! we are bummed you guys will only be online streaming, I think you all deserve some primtime coverage !! It was great to see you guys walk in with the team , we had alot of out TKD family over and I was so proud for my sport ! My teammates had agreat time meeting you all in detroit ! This year I had to rehab an injury so I didnt make it to JO's I will see you next year & you can show me all your new shinny medals from bejing ! USA TKD bring home the bling ! dakota kendall

BillBlogX said...

I'm looking foward to watching you guys spar, best of luck in Beijing.

Sean-Team New England

Dana said...

Since you refer to the Great Wall,I just want to tell you my experience about it.I think it's so hard to get the top of the hill.I spent several hours in all.When I was in the top of the hill,I was out of breath.Haha
But it's really amazing.