Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello from Singapore

Hello from Singapore! Let me just give you all a re-cap as to what has happened since I left my home in Sugar Land! Let me just tell you all that Team Processing in San Jose was an experience I will never forget. I know as a young kid, everyone wanted to be on the show "Super Market Sweep"..(well, at least I did). That's exactly how I felt, except I wasn't getting all the honey glazed ham from the frozen food section (you know everyone got those first..or diapers).

No instead, I was shopping for my Ralph Lauren Opening Ceremonies outfit. We each got a shopping cart, and went from station to station getting Nike apparel (socks, shoes, hats, shirts, pants, shorts....the list goes on, and on and on) and Ralph Lauren polos. I want to let everyone know that the US Olympic Team will be looking distinguished walking into the Opening Ceremonies on 8-8-08!! Ralph Lauren had his top designers tailor our outfits because they wanted to make sure we looked sharp. Be sure to watch us on NBC. We're in Singapore right now training hard and getting ready to leave Aug. 7 to Beijing. Well, I have to get ready for training now, so I better sign off.

Take care and God bless.


Workinprogress said...

Good Luck Lopez and family. I know that you must be training hard so good luck and know that my family, myself and the USA are behind you. We are all proud of you already!!!!

Brooklyn NY, USA

santiagoramirez9 said...

Dear Lopez Family,

As a Latino and a BB in Taekwondo, I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of all of you. Do us proud! We'll be thinking of you and hoping that they broadcast as much as possible of the US Taekwondo team.
God Bless.

tkdman said...

Dear Lopez Family. I am a big fan of all of you and a proud latino TKD School owner. I wish you the best and bring the Gold!!!! I'd like to ask you for a big favor? Can you send me a poster from Beijing with the signature of the 3 of you or a picture to put it in my school and show it to my students. They also admire all of you.
Thank you
Fermin Mendoza
P.O. Box 464 Collinsville Al. 35961

Lost Renee said...

Seems you really had a good time in Beijing and enjoyed the Olympic events. Welcome to China again.Good luck!