Thursday, August 7, 2008

Officially in Beijing

We officially made it to Beijing and got checked into our rooms at the athlete village. It feels good to finally be here. Our training camp in Singapore went really well but now the real excitement begins.

When we arrived at the airport we were met by the official film crew that is working on a documentary on the Games. They came to Houston back in April and now plan to get us a few times while in Beijing. They got us when we got off the plane and then getting our bags.

Once we got our bags we came out in the main lobby where more media were waiting. We also got a surprise visit from our parents. We knew they were in Beijing but didn’t expect them to be at the airport. It was great to see them if only for a few minutes and the media loved it. There were camera crews and photographers all around. They then loaded us up in a bus to the athlete village, while our training partners went to Beijing Normal University where they will be staying. Our rooms in the village are nice.

On Friday, we will have our official team press conference at the main press center and then we will have to get back to the village and get ready for Opening Ceremonies. I can’t wait until we walk into Opening Ceremonies at the Birds Nest together as a family. I am sure it is going to be an overwhelming feeling even though we have dreamed about doing this for so long.

Like I said earlier, my parents made it to town on Wednesday and are enjoying their time at the Beijing Hilton. I can’t thank Hilton Family of Hotels enough for making their trip possible. It will be nice to have them here supporting us and being part of this historic event.

Be sure to watch Opening Ceremonies and cheer on Team USA!!!

Until next time,


Amy said...

We're just so excited for you and the whole crew. We'll be in Houston cheering and praying for you and the boys. Best of Luck to you, Jean, Steven, Marky and Charlotte. From your friends Amy and Anthony Scott at All-Star Taekwondo. GO TEAM USA!

Ana said...

Hi Diana!
It's me Ana :) I heard about your blog and had to check it out. Thanks for keeping us updated. I can't wait to see you and your brothers compete!! Sending you tons of good vibes your way. Stay strong and make some HISTORY!!
Many hugs

PS I will have to brag about you on my blog :) Hope you don't mind..LOL

Anonymous said...

Good luck everyone!
We are all cheering for you back in the U.S.

heewoman said...

Hi you guys/gals! I've been following your progress these past years and I, like so many of us here in the States are soooo proud of each of you! You guys are the best of the best, and I know you will prove it to the rest of the world soon. The fact that you are competing towards the end of the game can be tough in some ways...but make it work to your advantage. Keep your what YOU have to do to be prepared (thankfully, your team leaders Juan/Herbie/Jean/Meredith know this already)...and when it's your turn...just go out there and kick some major butt! You already know the most powerful force in the world is not your strength, not your speed, not your technical ability, not your experience. You know that it's the power of your mind! Go get em!! Dana Hee (pioneer gold at 1988 Olympics)

CheeringInTucson said...

My family and I want to wish you and the USA Team the best of luck. We are HUGE fans of you Diana, Steve, and Mark.
The Valenzuela's will be cheering you on here in Tucson, Arizona...

NicaC said...

They made us leave early from TKD practice on the 8th to go watch the opening ceremony. It was beautiful. I must admit I sat there searching the whole USA team to see if we were able to see you guys. You all looked great! USA! USA!


grapekiff said...

We have 3 boys (ages 11, twin 7-yr olds) and they started Tae Kwon Do a year ago. Two are at purple belt and the other is at blue. We knew nothing of martial arts when we started it but have come to really enjoy the skill and discipline. In fact, I was not a proponent of sparring but have come to appreciate the skill and strategy involved. We were so excited that there's a USA Tae Kwon Do team and plan to follow your competition. In fact, my oldest tonight told me about the Lopez family at the Olympics. I had no idea that he knew. Wishing you the best from Grapevine (DFW), TX. From our dojo: "Respect for the flag, respect for the instructor, respect for the senior student, and respect for myself and others." Go Team USA!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all of you making it to Beijing! I'm very excited that you guys will be representing the USA - it's going to be excellent! Best of luck!

Yoonie said...

Hi Diana and TEAM USA!
It's me, Yoon Kyung!
I was glued to the TV hoping to catch a glimpse of you guys in the opening ceremonies, and I DID! My family and I are so excited for all of you! We are cheering you guys on out here in California, and want to wish everyone the best of luck.

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Anonymous said...

so cool~~can you give more photos of the village?

lilbil said...

Although I practise the ITF version of Taekwondo, I do want to say congratulations on being a part of the Olympic experience. I hope to see the ITF part of the Olympic games in the near future. I just wish it was before Choi Hong Hi passed away

samuel tobing said...

it must be a wonderful journey there in beijing. Keep on playing da' gamezzz,,,

Strassiline said...

I would love to be able to do that!!