Monday, August 11, 2008

My third opening ceremonies

What an amazing experience Opening Ceremonies were for me this time around. This was my third time to march in Opening Ceremonies, but this one by far was the best. Not only did China put on a great show but I got to walk into Opening Ceremonies with my brothers and sister. It was truly a dream come true and I just tried to soak it all in. We marched in right in front of the men’s basketball team, so that was pretty cool. Those guys are a lot of fun.

Practice has been going well and we have been busy doing various sponsor events. Hilton hosted my parents, Mark, Diana and I at a dinner on Saturday night. It was nice to spend some time with my parents as that was the first time we really got to be with them. Then on Monday, we spent another four hours with them doing media interviews for Hilton talking about the great hospitality they are showing to my parents. It is nice to know that they are being well taken care of and we truly feel like we are at home having our parents here.

We have a few more sponsor events scheduled through Saturday. We are also trying to get a trip to the Great Wall arranged for Saturday morning, so if we do one of us will be sure to share our stories of the trip and photos.

Well, I better sign off and get some sleep so I will be ready for practice in the morning. Hope all is well back in the States.



Yoonie said...

Hey man! First, congratulations on your truly amazing achievements! Still remember dying, cutting weight with you way back as fin weights!
Not sure if you read my other post, but I nearly dropped the Minute Maid carton when I saw you on it! Totally cool!
Beijing must be awesome, and I'm glad that your parents are with you to enjoy every moment.
Hope practices go well, and you rest up for your third round of Olympic fights!
May God bless you and Team USA.
Team USA ALL THE WAY~~~!!!!!!!

Yoon Kyung

Lorenna said...

Hi Family Lopez,

I am Brazilian but I live in the United States. I am here for saying that the whole world is with you. You represent the growth of our sport, you are our window for the world. Good Luck, BUENA SUERTE , BOA SORTE!

Lorenna Roman

TysonH said...

Can't wait until TKD starts to watch you all fight! Major bummer it's not being broadcast though...but at least it's live online video. Best of Luck to you all, bring home the golds! :-)

AikiLady said...

I remember when I was a kid (about 30 years ago) taking Tae Kwon Do and my Master wanted me to go out for the Olympics. I place 3rd in our State competition, but there were only three of us. :-| But he was proud of me nonetheless. I'm so proud of you all and will be watching you and rooting for you!

Keep up the great work and thanks for representing the U.S.!

BillBlogX said...

Best of luck to you and the whole team. I am sure you will all do great.

I really enjoyed watching you folks giving my son a workout in Andover with Michael, but I bet watching you compete will be better 8-)

Tsigili said...

My daughter takes TKD with Master Santos in Littleton CO. When she first started she was so intimidated and believed she would never achieve what she saw in the older kids. Master Santos told her about you and your family and that 'yes' even girls can do this.

So thank you, to all of you, for what you have done, for the role models you have become for our children, and the example you set for those to come.

Our hopes and wishes are with you

a.yang said...

Hope things go well in beijing

Alex B said...


What was training like in Singapore and have you gotten to see the Great Wall of China yet?

Alex Brinkman

p.s. Do you remember me from Detroit?

skippy2012 said...

Hey its Skippy from the otc athlete development camp this year. just wunted to say good luck! My prayers are with you. So hey when you get finished competeting are you gonna like go do some site seeing or somethen take a brake? but anyways God's speed, Bring home the Gold man!!!
Dude i hope to be in your shoes in 2012! the third opening ceremonies i just want one for right now. lol. Good luck.


MaraJadeTN said...

I have just watched the fight between Steven and Mauro SARMIENTO (ITA). I want to put my 2 cents in to you Steven...the match was very one sided the ref never giving ITA any penalties and yet when he {ITA)obviously just didn't kick high enough and hit your knee you get the pentalty. I am very proud of the way you handled that loss it shows great sportsmanship on your part. I will say since I have not been participating in this sport in several years although I never take my eyes off it... I do not have that temperament(smiles) you are the much bigger person and I think you totally should have advanced... but the kicks fall where they may I am very very proud of all you and your siblings have brought home in this Olympics.. Thank you for letting me "blow off steam" about your loss. Good luck in the future and keep up the wonderful outlook you have on life and TaeKwonDo.. Faye Corley.. Murfreesboro, Tn