Monday, August 18, 2008

It's almost showtime...

Well, it's coming down to the wire ladies and gentleman - three more days until I fight and two more days until I weigh in. Weigh-ins for me, as of now, is really the only thing I’m focused on. I have about 6 more pounds to go. The day I weigh in, I plan to be no more than 3 or 4 pounds over. Beware, you don't want to be around me these last couple of days before I weigh in, I may be a little grumpy.

I will be spending most of my time at BNU (Beijing Normal University). It's the location the US Olympic Committee chose to set up shop. It's where I have been training and eating every day. They have an amazing set up there. You can set up appointments for massages, chiropractor treatments, and they have a full medical staff. There is also a beautiful gym set up by 24 hour Fitness with actual staff from 24 hour fitness. The food is excellent, especially for me since I’m watching my weight. They have healthy but tasty food with all the nutritional information for each item. The US has brought chefs from the States to feed us. So, we are very fortunate and it's another reason why I am proud to be from the USA!

Anyway, it's the ideal place for me to do my weight cutting. Like the Hilton Hotels for me when I visit my parents here at the Hilton Beijing, my home away from home, BNU is like our Olympic Training Center transplanted to Beijing.

As of right now, I feel good and I'm in a great place spiritually and mentally. I'm happy, positive, and confident. My legs are fresh and I am happy with my draw. I have Afghanistan first fight and won't face my most formidable opponents (Korea, Chinese Taipei, and Cuba) until I reach the finals. It's time to have fun. All the hard work and sacrifice is going to finally pay off. The tough part is over and now it's time to rock and roll. I'm ready to put it all on the line, leave nothing for chance, and give it everything I have. This is my family's legacy, my stamp on history, my honor that I will be fighting for.. It's my time to shine!

Mark Anthony Lopez
'08 US Olympic Team


Alex B said...


Good luck with your fight. You said the food is really good. What is your favorite?

Alex B

Yoonie said...

Sounds AWESOME! We've been waiting for TKD to start, so we're very anxious to watch! I'll probably have to search for you guys online since I'm not sure about TKD being broadcasted on TV.
Our prayers are with you and the rest of TEAM USA. Best of luck, stay healthy, and fight your hearts out dudes!
Good luck!

Your super proud friend,
Yoon Kyung

Isaac said...

Good luck you guys!!!!! Your almost there. Bring back some gold & kick some ayss!!!!!!! USA, USA, USA!!!!

skippy2012 said...

Hey Mark its Skippy from the otc development camp. Thanks for giving me a 9.9 on my dancing. lol. So that sounds realy exciting i mean it must be like a constant adrenaline rush for you? but anyways God's Speed my prayers are with you and everyone else. Tell Coach Lopez and Coach Moreno skippy from otc said hey. Good luck bring back Gold.


TXeyedoc said...


found your blog and enjoyed everything you and everyone else has written. no need to wish ya luck. hopefully we can still be friends when u come back as a superstar! lol. love ya bro.

Sweet Pete

Sarcasticbear said...


First and foremost - Congratulations on your Olympic Silver Medal!

That last point was CLOSE! - it could've gone either way.

Gutted for you to have missed out on the gold, but don't let it overshadow your great achievement.

Well done.

Andy L.

Sharon said...

Mark (and Lopez family)
congratulations on an incredible accomplishment. It just goes to show you that families that work together for a common goal will always stay together.


TysonH said...

Awesome fights Mark, that Championship fight was totally awesome! I was very proud of all of you, not only of how you fought, but how you all were so respectful, and fought with honor. Thanks for making us proud to have such a great team representing the USA!

阿杜.Steward said...

Thanks you guys for bringing us good games on the olympics !

Alex said...

Congratulations! I've been following your story on WESH 2

Its so cool that your family has this to share together!