Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello from Diana Lopez

Hello to everyone! My name is Diana Lopez. I am 24 years old and I am a native of Houston, Texas (born and raised). I am on the 2008 Olympic Taekwondo Team along with my three older brothers - 2 in which are competing (Mark and Steven) and my oldest brother, Jean, will be our coach. I am the youngest child and the only girl (I know what some of you might be thinking...poor girl) haha.

Some of you might have seen us on AT&T commercials. We shot a total of five commercials – two in English and three in Spanish. In one of them, I beat up my older brother showing him how fast my new broadband from AT&T is and the other English commercial features my whole family, where I do a cartwheel over the couch trying to steal the remote from my father. We had a ton of fun shooting these but I had no idea until I did this how long it takes to film a commercial. We were also on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno at the end of April, which was a definite highlight of this year.

Be sure to keep reading my blogs as I will keep you updated on my daily/weekly news. I will make sure to post pictures and videos! I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone out there reading my blogs! :) have a great day.


Tk said...

hello lopez family. just wanted to say hi and wish you luck! my prayers are with you all!

teresa k (from way back when)

John said...

Diana - The four of you will be at the AT&T Center in Hoffman Estates Illinois today. My daughter is in her 1st year of Tae Kwon Do, and is excited to get your autograph!Her teacher told her that 80 percent of the girls who start his school, drop out very quickly. Two weeks ago she tested and passed for her green belt, so sparring begins for her now! She is a little nervous about it, but I know with time she will gain the confidence she needs to compete and win against the boys. Thank you for being an inspiration to her, and a positive role model for girls across the nation.

Diana Lopez said...

To John,
It was nice meeting you in Illinois! Congratulations to your daughter getting her green belt. I hope your daughter takes what her teacher told her as an inspiration.

Being the youngest and the only girl in my family was pretty intimidating at times, but I made sure I always did what they did and even more to never get left out! I hope your daughter sticks with it and tell her to be strong and confident!

God bless.

Diana Lopez said...

Theresa K,
Thank u for your prayers!! We need all the love and support we can get. You trained with us a looong time ago?? Are you that Theresa!? Ha! I will tell everyone you said hello!

Thanks for your comment!

tracy in ohio said...

Diana, while catching up on Olympic news I found a story on you and your brothers. I became an instand fan of you and the sport. Can't wait to watch you all compete. Good luck and have a great time!

Tk said...

yep, i'm THAT teresa that trained with you guys from so long ago! a lot happens in 15+ years! :) i'm surprised you remember me...ha... you and markie were so little then.

i'm so proud of you guys!
much love!

kungfulady22 said...

Hi, let me start off by saying, your my idol, you and your family. I have been in taekwando for about 4 years now, and was thinking about when I get older I would like to try for the olympics. I know I didn't start at a very young age like you and your family, I'm 15 and a red belt now, but I'm still very passionate about the sport. So what I'm trying to ask is for some advice.
My e-mail is, basketballchicka_22@yahoo.com
I would love to hear from you. Good luck to you and all your family at Beijing!! =]

Tom said...

Hello Diana and family,my name is Tom I have seen the at&t com. and am very impressed with your skill. I know you will bring honor and glory to God with your talent in marshal arts competition and you and your brothers are a perfect representation of what makes our country the greatest.You all make us proud. I will keep you all in my prayers and I hope NBC shows your matches. I heard that they were not showing the shooting sports. I sure hope Tae is televised. I will try to keep up with your blog on your experince in beijing. God bless,sobrietytom

stroilo said...

Diana - I just wanted to wish you and the whole team good luck. When we see the AT&T commercial, we joke that it could be our kids there someday, as my son Seth (10) will be testing for his 2nd degree black belt in October and my daughter Samantha (9) will be testing for her green belt in August. I'd love to see her beat her older brother someday, and I know she can, just like your ad! But I digress... God bless you all; we'll be watching and cheering you all on.

OhioTKD Family

NicaC said...


My whole family is very excited for your family. Tears came to my eyes when my little cousin's Master told him that he looks like your brother Steven. He showed him a picture and said "You see this guy? You look like him, and some day you will be just like him. I like the way you've progressed, keep working hard and one day you'll be in the Olympics." We are all definately supporting you. Best of luck and our prayers are going out for you all. Puro pinolero, Nica por gracias de Dios. Haha.

Que Dios te bendiga.

Andrea said...

Hi Diana,
My brother, sister, and I live on the mission field in Chuuk, Micronesia. I am also 24 years old. :-) My brother Matthew and I team-teach a Tae Kwon Do class for the kids in our church here. My sister Alisha has a radio ministry using a 100 watt FM transmitter. This morning I was looking up some news for her to read over the air and came across the story of you and your brothers going to the Olympics. How amazing! I'm going to translate your story so Alisha can read it over the radio here in the islands. I look forward to hearing how things go for you in Beijing, and we'll be keeping the Chuukese people updated, too. If you all ever come through Chuuk, we would love to have you visit us! I'll be praying for you guys.
In Jesus,

Brian said...

My name is Brian. I'm a Cho Dan in Moo Duk Kwan (TangSooDo/TaeKwonDo). I have trained for 8 years. I have interest in competition and maybe one day the Olympics. Do you have any advice for the training I might need and for sparring?

I was wondering how do you find time to train, go to school, work, and so forth?

I also have a question for Miss Diana. How has martial arts effected your romantic relationships? Do guys find you intimidating? I myself am looking for a martial artist to have a relationship with. For several reasons, many women find their husband/boyfriends intimidating and I don't want her to feel that way. I guess I am looking for someone who can kick my butt. ha ha. But also to share my dream with plus its nice to have a training partner.

Well perhaps one day I might have the honor of training with or sparring you and your family. I thank you for your time. Good luck with the Olympics. I am rooting for you.

You can contact me at bwalshaw@yahoo.com

dq34 said...

Hey, Diana! DeWayne here. We met at the Premios Fox Sports Awards Show in Miami a couple of years back. I met you and your brothers through Cobi Jones that evening. Such a pleasant surprise to meet you all and have the chance to hang out a bit.

I heard that you and your brothers were featured in a Visa commercial and I was Googling to find that commercial when I stumbled across this blog. I am SO VERY HAPPY for you all. It was obvious to me two years ago, after a relatively brief encounter, that you all were destined to be where you are today, together. I remember talking to Mark and hearing/seeing just how focused he was. I definitely believe the best is yet to come for the Lopez family. My only hope, selfishly, is that the TV coverage will allow those of us in the U.S. interested in Olympic TKD (as well as Judo) to be able to watch the competition(s). Regardless, as I am sure you know, many of us back home will be cheering for you all. Such and honor and opportunity to represent the United States on such a stage. Wishing you all continued success and nothing but the very, very best! Would love to hear back from you if you get the chance.



gina said...

Diana- what is a address i can send a letter to you at?

Diana Lopez said...

You can email me at lopez@firstfamilyoftaekwondo.com