Monday, July 14, 2008

11 Days until we leave for the Olympics

Monday, July 14

Hello everyone!!! It's me, Diana! 11 more days until we leave for San Jose (Calif.) for team processing. I am really excited and anxious to see what we will be getting in terms of clothes. Ralph Lauren is Team USA's official outfitters for the opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies so hopefully they will have some cool clothes for us to wear.

Workout has been going well. I have to be 125.6 pounds when I weigh-in in Beijing, and I have been weighing 129. No need to be so low on weight right now because the last 3 lbs is basically water weight.

Saturday the City of Sugar Land, recognized my family and I during an event in Town Square. They read a proclamation and then we signed autographs. It was a fun event.

For those reading this, if you happen to go to Barnes and Nobles or any store that sells magazines, make sure you buy the August issues of "Vibe" and "Men's Journal". My brothers and I have a spread in each of the magazines. I happen to like the picture in the Vibe magazine (since I'm not in my taekwondo uniform). My nephew refers to me as "Wonder Woman"..he pretty much made my day! :) We also have a short write-up in “Men’s Fitness” as well and Steven is featured in “Men’s Health.” Be sure to watch the Today Show on Wednesday, July 16 as they are supposed to air our feature with Tiki Barber in the 8:30 half-hour.

I would also like to thank Lenovo for the cool ideapad computer they sent me to do this blog. We have also been using our Flipcams and hope to post video soon.

Well, it's time for my daily nap. Hope u all have a good week.

Talk to you soon,


Black Belt said...

Diana, I've been in tkd for 9+ years and truly love it. I'm 41 years old, yeah I know, too old to be sparring, but I really like it. I would love to hear from you regarding how to keep motivated and keep the fire burning inside of me. I know you're not nearly as old as I am, but you must have had times when you felt like it was just too much. what kept you going? I was recently at the Junior Olympics/Senior Nationals in Detroit. I competed in Ultra Forms and won a silver medal. I'm very proud of that. I wish I could have sparred, but I have a heart condition that sent me to the hospital at the York qualifiers. Against their instructions, I competed the following day in order to compete at the SN level. I felt I needed to that for myself. I've taken the coaching seminar in Buffalo that was given by your brother Jean and Master Perez. My daughter is 11 years old and competed in her first JO in Detroit. what a great experience for her. If you wouldn't mind blogging back I would greatly appreciate any insight you could give me. Respectfully.

busybee said...

I saw you and your brothers on the Today Show and I was truly impressed. I have also seen the ATT commercial and I thought that it is AWESOME. I have never really cared one way or the other about the Olympics before but, thanks to TEAM LOPEZ I will be watching and cheering you on!!!! Have fun, make new friends, and kick some major BUTT in the name of AMERICA!!!!!
Val Carman

Diana Lopez said...

Black Belt...
CONGRATULATIONS to you on your medal and to your daughter's first Junior Nationals!!

In 2004 (after not making the olympic team), I was at a time where I thought I could just stop Taekwondo. After watching my brother Steven win his 2nd Olympic gold medal, I got inspired once again. I knew what my goal was and NOTHING was going to get in the way of my goals/dreams. I came home from Athens with a new attitude. I didn't feel sorry for myself and didn't want anyone to sympathize for me. I remember my brother and coach, Jean, saying remember how you felt being so close to making the Olympic team and keep that "fire" burning inside of you.

In 2005, I won the World Championships. I read this quote and hope you like it as well. "Perseverance and failure cannot coexist. Failure happens when you quit. When all is said and done, perseverance, commonly referred to as "stick-to-itiveness," is the ultimate success insurance. Nothing can take its place." After winning in 2005, I knew in my heart that 2008 was my time, and that things happen for a reason.

I know it sounds so cliche', but it is true. I think losing in 2004, made me a stronger person mentally and physically. I know your daughter sees you as her inspiration. If you can do it, she can do it attitude. You are a great role model for her and you have a special bond that you two both share. That should keep the fire burning inside of you.

Do what you love and I wish you both the best!

Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez said...

Hello Val (busybee).
Thank you for your comment. I hope to make you all proud. Thank you for your support!! God bless!


Jake said...

Diana, my wife and I read the People Magazine article about you and your brothers, and we want to wish you and your family the best in Beijing next month. The article was very inspirational, and it is an article we will save.

We read your bio on the USA Taekwondo web site, and we saw that you are 5'10 in height. My wife who is 5'8 in height and has size 12 feet, would be curious to know what size feet you are using against your opponents in your taekwondo matches.

Have a great time in Beijing!

Sara G. said...

Hi Diana...I wanted to wish you and your brothers all the best!!! Love you guys, and may God bless you and keep you safe while in China, making history!! Good luck! Go USA!!!

Diana Lopez said...

hi Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i miss you and the "good ole' days".. we leave Friday!!!! I am so excited. Packing is not so fun though! Hope to see you when we get back. Hugs and kisses. Diana

Diana Lopez said...

Hi Jake! :) I am a size 9! Please send my regards to your wife, and tell her she would have been great at tkd being 5'8 and a size 12 shoe. God bless you both! Thanks for leaving a comment.